Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Nobody likes you when you're 23...

A welcome distraction from writing resume essays, I decided to update this thing. I observed my 23rd birthday ('observed' and not 'celebrated' because birthdays aren't fun anymore) on Sunday by going back into the city. Surprisingly there was neither cake nor alcohol consumed on this date. Well, there probably was by other people consumed cake and alcohol (look for the passive voice in this one...) but not by my party (referring to a group of people as in "the Donner Party" and not the event as in the "Playboy Mansion 100th Anniversary Party"), well, not while they were with me or at least while I was looking.

It's always fun to organize a party, especially via facebook, and especially after they take away the ability to easily invite all your friends from Columbia or with the geography of New York City. No, I had to click on people one-by-one and it was too hard to sort through my 700-strong list of facebook friends. I did give the opportunity for people to invite other people, but whatever, it worked out in the end. Three others joined me for dinner at the vegan restaurant Zen Palate, and nine others joined me to see the Da Vinci Code.

Anyway, the movie was totally sold out for the time I wanted to see it even though it was being shown at the 66th Street AMC Loews on two screens at 8:20, so we needed to get tickets for the 9:20. As always, one more person joined us and of course tickets to that showing were at that point sold out. I think most tickets bought to any other movie went to enter this screen.

I really enjoyed the movie. It could have been a little better, perhaps, but the critics are just stupid (and possibly biased based on theological beliefs that they may hold).

I slept on a couch in Mathilde Schechter, but not before watching Adult Swim with some peeps.

And that was my birthday. And that was a clause that began with the word "and". And so was that. And so was that. And so was that. That too.

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