Saturday, June 10, 2006

Federal Employee for a day

On Tuesday I performed my civic duty and, using my American Policial Science Bachelor's Degree from Columbia University, I became an Election Clerk in the Los Angeles Primary. It was actually a very interesting experience and many that I worked with, including my inspector and the full-time election employees thought I should do this as a full-time job. Though this was my first time doing this, my methods made election day go smoother in my precinct. This was a really good experience and it felt very good to be a viablke part of the democratic process. Perhaps I will do it again.

Why must Gagne make me fret so? Our star closer's arm was inflamed yesterday. Is he going on the DL again after only two games back? Well, I will keep updated with my source for Dodgers news (especially the bad news) from

I've watched more Law & Order, Law & Order SVU, Law & Order Criminal Intent, and even Law & Order Trial by Jury episodes this weeks than there are hours in the week. Law & Order is my anti-drug!

I just thought of an invention. The dog mezuzah! You can put a mezuzah into a doggy door that they would lick every time they go through. You can put a flavor of something that dogs like to lick. Another dog's posterior might not be so respectful in which to scent a holy parchment. Well, the Bark Mitzvah caught on, right? why not this? Racing horses are not recommended to have them on sugar cubes in starting gates or the Jewish horses will always come in last, like that joke about the Israeli slalom guy. I can tell it later if you want.

I'm going to proceed with my weekly dvar torah, so I will end this entry for now.

G'Shabbos mate,

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