Monday, October 09, 2006

"Dem Bums"

I have honestly always lowered my expectations when it comes to the Dodgers, particularly during the rare occasion they are in the Playoffs. Doing so lessens the constant disappointment with which I should be faced from March to September (and sometimes the first week October). The Dodgers have only won one post-season game since they won it all in 1988. There's always next year... for further Dodger disappointment (chas v'shalom).

In other news, I decided there is nothing better than having a hot glass of turkish coffee before davening on Yom Tov while sitting in a sukkah and reading the Sunday newspaper and/or the Mishnah Torah. Yep.

Moadim L'Simcha (Chagim U'Zmanim L'Sason)
[Et Yo-oh-oh-ohm Chag HaSukkot Ha-ze-eh...]

Zochreinu Hashem Elokeynu Bo LeTova (amen!)
U'fokdeynu bo livracha (amen!)
V'hoshiey-ey-ey-nu bo lecha-yi-im (ah-meh-en!)

I would go through all of Musaf, but it is more fun to respond this way in person.

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