Tuesday, January 23, 2007

T'was not Blue Monday for me

Though yesterday was Blue Monday, it was pretty damn good for me.

-I jogged/walked 12 miles, burning 1600 calories (see previous post) and felt great throughout.
-I found out I lost 34 lbs in 6 weeks just by dieting and exercising, 18 lbs from fat, 10.2 in the past two weeks, 7.1 from fat.
-A really good class, which I made it back from my walk in perfect timing to change from my jogging clothes
-An eye-opening documentary about the Armenian Genocide was screened at VBS, Screamers (out Friday nationwide, I highly recommend it!) featuring metal band System of a Down. and attended by Shavo, the bassist for S.O.A.D. (see this article from the non-Jewish world)
I plan on treating the topic of the Armenian Genocide in a future entry
-Being on the Fox 11 news at said event in a crowd shot.
-My blog just won the 2006 Bronze Jewish and Israel Blogs Peoples Choice Award in the category of Best Overall Blog. I also would have won bronze in Best New Blog and Best Personal Blog but I had already won in the top category. w00t.

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