Friday, April 06, 2007

Don't PASSOVER these great savings opportunities.

Actually, I don't think the title has anything to do with the article, except that there is the word "Passover" in it. It just sounds like a great way to advertise a seasonal sale. In fact, I probably saw a sale or two advertised as thus and it just got implanted into my head...

As for the sedarim, I was imposed with a time limit of one hour for the first half (ie: from Kadesh to Shulchan Orech). The Four Sons thing worked out great and led to great discussion. I took around 40 minutes to get through the entire first half to Motzi Matzah; By far the fastest I've ever gotten through part 1 (well, until the second night when we were eating in 25 minutes). I didn't want to go that quickly, but the idea was somehow implanted in certain seder participants that a quick seder was the way to go. Oh well... I was told it was the best seder ever. That's got to count for something. Right

On the diet side, though I have lost 70 lbs in 3.5 months, an amazing feat, this past month I have lost very little. I decided to take a hiatus from the diet for the duration of pesach. Dieting during Pesach would be tantamount to suicide. No soy, no electrolytes, no diet shakes, diet bars, soy/seitan/portobello jerky. However lifting it during passover is also suicide. You crash and burn pretty quickly unbridaled on the Festival of Freedom. Oh well, I guess diet's back on sorta...

A Gut Shabbos und a Zissen Pesach,

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