Sunday, April 30, 2006

For want of an Israeli Flag and a Plane Ticket and a Job

For many days now, I have noticed the increasing presence of patriotic flags being displayed from almost every car and balcony. The days leading up to Yom Haatzmaut, Israel’s Independence day are very different than those leading up to the 4th of July, America’s. I feel that on the whole, Israelis are more patriotic than Americans. Regardless on how they feel on issues such as Disengagement, people are more supportive of their government here than the majority of Americans (at least according to current approval ratings in both countries). I don’t need to extol the praises of a parliamentary democracy within a multi-party system again; I believe I have already done it justice in my Election entries. But this leads to more people feeling that their government represents them. Meanwhile, Democrats feel they have no peer in the US Government. Stoners, however it seems, will never have representation in Knesset as Alei Yarok always seems to miss the threshold, though they will in Mexico now that drugs are legal there. This is going to hurt the war on drugs though it will certainly cause more college and high school students to spring break in Cancun and Oaxaca.

Meanwhile, I cannot seem to find my plane ticket. If I cannot find it, a paper ticket, It will necessitate a trip to Tel Aviv and $100 for a replacement, just so I can also change my flight to next week so I can come back to New York for Graduation. However, I am still looking for a job for next year (and for summer for that matter). Why is this so hard? Anyone have any ideas? I need a job or something that would be considered "real world experience".

Actually, if any of my Jerusalem friends who I couch-surfed with (and there are a good number) know of the location of an American Airlines envelope with tickets in it, please let me know...


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