Monday, April 17, 2006

Wait, it's passover?!

Before I get into my whole spiel, I want to preface it by expressing my rage at the terrorist homicide bombing that took place in Tel Aviv today. These are not military targets, these monsters are targeting regular civilian people. Hamas is also full of crap and I have a strong feeling they are supporting the terror, having blamed the pigua on the Israelis. Abu Mazn, on the other hand, I think is our only shot for peace on the Palestinian side, and he himself called the Palestinian suicide bomber a terrorist. That takes cajones. Hamas seem to be a bunch of eunichs and therefore do not have cajones. There, I said it.

Is it actually pesach here? It doesn’t feel like it due to the foodage around here. For dinner last night me and my parents had pizza (which tasted better than any pizza I’ve had in Israel, year round), fettuccini alfredo and gnocci in spicy marinara at Luigis (where I ran into a number of friends). It was also pouring rain last night. Maybe I should have prayed harder when I did Tal last week.

I compare the abundance of bread-like products to a vegetarian that eats soy and tofu that is meant to replicate meat by looking and tasting like it. Honestly, both things are hypocritical. I should be spending a week away from anything that is similar to bread, just as true vegetarians should be staying away from things that look like and taste like meat. If my wise ashkenazic ancestors couldn't tell the difference between rice and wheat, how could I tell the difference between sub sandwiches made from leavened or unleavened wheat? Since I have had more "bread" during pesach than I have had bread during the year, there is something wrong here. Oh well, one day left.

Today I decided not to go to Hebron, and instead went back to the Old City. It was immensely packed, as it also was yesterday. Security was insane, even before the terrorist attack in Tel Aviv, and police are directing traffic on every intersection.

I had a weird experience with security today, and I think may have something to do with the fact that I bought an orange bracelet (in support of the settlers and against the Disengagement). I was stopped by security in front of the Andalusian Tent that was erected in front of the Great Synagogue for the installation of the Maimuna Medallion (or so I think I read on a poster at one of the city kiosks regarding events of the Spring Festival. The guard asked me questions for a couple of minutes, sent me over to another guy who then did a full search of me, including opening my wallet, cell phone, and camera. That was weird. It probably didn’t help that I had also bought an orange t-shirt too. And worst of all, when they finally let me in, I didn’t realize that you needed an invitation to get in. Doh!

Happy Passover, Happy Easter and Happy Birthday Mohammad. Am I missing anything? I am considering posting, as my Pesach Dvar Torah, a 20 page paper I wrote last year for Rabbi David Weiss Halivni’s class at Columbia. Perhaps…

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