Friday, July 21, 2006

My Rabbi’s Infamous!

My uncle showed me an interesting “Alert” in Kashrus Conscience ( regarding a certain hecksher

The following symbol (olive branch) is found on Challah at Trader Joe’s on the West Coast. We do not recommend it. The certification is from Rabbi Ed Feinstein from Temple Valley Beth Shalom, a Conservative temple.

Great, my it seems my Mashgiach career at VBS is off to a good start… I’m already at a disadvantage, apparently, for working at “a Conservative temple”. Now nobody is going to trust my Hashgacha for this reason?! The funny thing is, knowing Rabbi Feinstein, I’m sure he’s going to frame the article in his office when he gets back from Israel and will be proud of ruffling a few Orthodox feathers. Let’s not forget that “infamy” contains the same root as “fame”!

This Shabbos I'mgoing to the Nessa Shul, officially a Persian synagogue, to hear Dennis Prager speak. I don't always agree with what he says, but as faithful readers and people who know me can attest, I always value hearing people of most opinions. It is the reason I went to hear John Ashcroft speak at Columbia in the Fall.

Alright, I got a little carried away there. I hope my fellow Angelenos will join me on Sunday at 4 PM at the Jewish Federation of Los Angeles on 6505 Wilshire for the Israel Solidarity Rally.

Meanwhile, Tropical Storm Beryl?! Dos Is a Yiddisher Nomen! Of course Beryl is going north, he's going to visit his relatives in Brookline like a nice Jewish boy!

Alright, I'm going into the jacuzzi and read a few chapters of 1776 (I'm a jacuzzi-reader!) and then I'm going to do a few dozen laps in the pool.

Shabbat Shalom

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