Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Dodger Tallis Tales

I don't usually report on specific Dodger games and the glorious bums are poised to screw it up again as I write this, but the Dodgers had one of the most memorable and miraculous games in baseball history last night. Coming off a deficit of 5 to 9 against our main rivals, the San Diego Padres, the dodgers hit four straight home runs on their first four at bats of the final sanctioned inning of the game, tying the score. This is only the fourth time in Major League history that there have been four straight dingers They then had a walk-off home run making the final score 11-10.

Anyway the story here is that I had made for myself a Dodgers tallis last Thursday (out of a Dodger fleece blanket and the strings from an old ripped tallit katan) when I took my regular tallis for it's annual dry-cleaning. My joke had, until this morning, been that since I have worn this tallis, the Dodgers had gotten to first place in the wildcard. Unfortunately, this is the result of them dropping out of first place in the division. Before minyan this morning someone told me that my tallis was finally working. Having given up on the Dodger game when hope looked like it was lost, like most fans, I didn't know that they had won. Anyway, I TiVoed the replay of the game today and watched the 9th and 10th innings. Whoa!

This counterbalances the horrendous defeat we took last week from the last place in the league Chicago Cubs who somehow defeated us when we were up 7-nil (which they were somehow able to overcome). But San Diego won against the D'Backs tonight and it looks like we're gonna drop this one to the Pittsburg Pirates. Looks like they're going to be 0.5 back again and I'm going to have to turn my Tallit inside out. That's right: Rally Tallis!

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