Friday, September 29, 2006

High Holidays in the Media

Something I forgot to mention is that CBS filmed at my shul on Erev Rosh Hashannah. The fact that my aunt and uncle live right next to the shul meant I could see the news trucks and therefore know to set the CBS news to TiVo. There was about a 20 second spot on Rosh Hashannah that followed the story about e coli tainted milk. Boy, what a great opening... Anyway, though I wasn't technically on the news, the camera man used my head and specifically my pure white kippah sruga I exclusively wear in the evenings of the High Holidays (I wear a huge white one with metalic gold and blue to match my tallis in the mornings) in order to white balance his camera. So, though I wasn't actually on the news, know that it was because of me that the color didn't look like crap.

In addition, I have been having problems with YouTube's blog posting feature recently, so I want to post these two links for things I found hilarious. (ED: I since have found a way around this that required a bit of html know-how)

One is from a Colbert Report from last week, Stephen Colbert's Teshuvah Hotline for Jews who have wronged him

A promotional video from Birthright. "I wish Yom Kippur was going to be this fun!" YEAH!

Shabbat Shalom,

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