Sunday, June 10, 2007

Harry Potter Insane Theories #1: Chocolate Frog Cards, The Seven Uses of Dragon's Blood, and transportation

Nerd Alert! If you are not a fan of Harry Potter and/or you don't want to potentially ruin it for the remote possibility that I am right on any of my theories, skip this entry and anything else flagged with "Harry Potter"

As promised, I will periodically present some madcap theories or fancies I have for the upcoming final Harry Potter novel. Some of the theories are genuine, some are as insane as I can allow my imagination to travel. Sometimes my theories are drawn from other tidbits discussed on podcasts such as PotterCast and MuggleCast, which I sometimes listen to on my 20+ mile walks. However these are just jumping-off points. As you will see from the first theory I will present, I leave anything ever discussed after the kushya (difficult question)

My first theory was one I submitted to MuggleCast after I thought I heard someone comment that there couldn't be portraits that were wallet sized. The background here is that there are portraits in the Wizarding world in which the occupants can communicate with the living from beyond the grave and are able to visit other portraits of themselves should they exist. Particularly, former headmasters of Hogwarts have portraits in the Headmaster's office and elsewhere, charged to serve the bidding of the present headmaster.

Here goes my submission almost verbatim:

A wallet sized portrait of Dumbledore? We’ve seen one already: those seemingly red herring Chocolate Frog Cards. Ron will get yet another Dumbledore card and because he already has so many (I think he gets his seventh when he first meets Harry), he gives it to a grateful Luna. Ms. Lovegood somehow activates the secret of the card using some advice she read in the Quibbler. They ask wallet-sized Dumbledore about the other side of the card. Learning that one of the seven uses of Dragon’s Blood is to destroy Horcruxes, Hermione points out that the only Horcrux any of them actually saw being destroyed, was Tom Riddle’s diary that was obliterated by a bloody basilisk fang (both basilisks and dragons are serpents according to Wikipedia, which I’m sure Hermione has memorized). Failing to coax the dusty vial of Dragon’s blood from Professor Slughorn, Harry asks a Hungarian horntail in parseltongue in Gringotts to donate blood, which he then hangs from a leather pouch hanging from his neck (see picture of US Cover) in the final battle with Lord Voldemort.

My theory, which I came up with a couple of months ago, is further supported by the Special Edition cover art released a couple of days ago. I will modify my theory slightly however, and change the dragon to Norbert, Hagrid's pet from the first book. He was apparently important enough to include in the first movie. Additionally, the arc theory, that the storyline begins and ends in a palendromic arc (1 with 7, 2 with 6, 3 with 5, and 4 standing alone) causes me to predict his importance in this final book. Harry has experienced a new form of wizard transportation in each of the books:

1. Broom (Quidditch), the Hogwarts Express, and oarless boat,
2. enchanted Ford Anglia, seemingly-horseless carriage, phoenix
3. Hippogriff
4. Portkey
5. Thestral
6. Side-Apparation, Apparation training

The logical conclusion is that he will be riding a dragon in the seventh book, perhaps the same one will be guarding him at Gringotts and perhaps battling the other dragons therein.

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