Thursday, June 14, 2007

Palestinian Civil War

I was working on another entry, on the topic of Harry Potter, but there is something more pressing and less mundane happening right now. The Palestinians are in a civil war right now. Now the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend, particularly in this case, but I am still following this closely. Hamas has "conquered" Gaza and Rafah. Israel has not yet gotten involved (if she does, she will get blamed for the Palestinian civil war by the world), and I don't know if we need to get involved yet. Let's let them destroy each other a little more and see what happens. Of course then the world will blame Israel for not stepping in to prevent more destruction. And when it spills out into Israel-proper, we'll still get blamed. Well, I believe that a laissez-faire approach is the correct one -- for now.

Meanwhile all of this stuff going on in Lebanon indicates that they and Syria aren't leading to a good place. According to someone at minyan this morning, Ahmadinijad said that he's sending troops to attack Israel. Bring it on, jerk! I am incredibly hawkish when it comes to Israel, a change that occurred when I lived there and over the last summer. Peace treaties and cease fires mean nothing to those with whom we make them. Iran is something we have to deal with now. They are working on nukes and we need to go Operation Opera on their asses before it's too late. Iran is the puppetmaster and we need to go after it and the rest of the hydra's heads will fall with it. Or not, but at least they will lack their organization and funding...

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