Sunday, August 20, 2006

Above and beyond the duty of a Mashgiach

Tonight I had another party. After the lightsticks, glowsticks, or whatever you would like to call it were thrown to the party guests I got an urgent request from the door to the kitchen from the party planner. We needed to get an emergency eye-wash as a kid has just gotten lightstick juice in his eye. New to this position and asking the head waiter if any such thing existed (they were currently serving dinner, which I took as a "no"), I decided to take action myself. Now I am not totally sure the composition of a lightstick, but as someone who, a decade ago, was among people getting lightstick all over ourselves and being told that it was non-toxic, I decided to reassure the child who was sitting in the foyer. I told him to flush the eye with water, told him it was non-toxic, asked him to close the other, non-lightsticked eye and tell me how many fingers I was holding up (4) and also noted that both of his eyes were normal white. I told him to keep flushing the eye with water and that it probably has the same pains and problems as getting shampoo in your eye. The kid asked me if I was a doctor. No, but I play one on TV. In a million years, when I get my docorate in Bible or something, I am going to legitimately say that I am a doctor, much like Dr. Laura says she's a doctor (acutally has a PhD in physiology, a study of tissue.)

I had dinner with said party planner, a delightful young christian woman, after dinner was served to the guests. Now I mention this but not to worry, no date with me until there is a date with the Mikvah. We were talking about Kashrut, Judaism, and almost the entire time. I just like a good conversation. Plus Starlite's food is good. Stuffed chicken. mmmm....

I'm exhausted for ironically working all of shabbos (not actually melacha what I was doing (I'm quite surprised that melacha actually links to an article on wikipedia). A Gut Voch!

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