Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Beating the odds

I have never been a fan of gambling. I have always shunned putting money on the line. Chanukkah has been the exception because of a certain psak to gamble then. I would look it up, but am currently in Las Vegas with my family and don't have unfettered internet access. Utilizing the Torah portion for Hanukkah in Parashat Naso, the dedication of the Tabernacle was 12 days, not 8. Using this twisted logic, it is the 11th night of Hanukkah (I know Chanukat HaMishkan happened in Adar/Nisan...) I did therefore gamble a little. I lost on the slot machines for the most part but won in betting on football.

$20 on NFL Jets +2.5 over Dolphins WON! + 18.20
lost $5.55 on slot machines over the past couple of days - 5.55
I have won from Vegas $12.65

Not only that, but on a free pull I won two tickets to the Fab Four play. I think I'll quit while I'm ahead. As you can see, I don't gamble too much. I keep track of everything I spend. This is as effective as writing down everything I eat, which I do as part of my diet. I have my exploits notated which I plan on posting (or updating this post) later. For now, I need to leave it at this due to limited internet access.

I'm like King Midas, in both the senses of the Greek legend and the automaker, everything I touch, I get shocked. Damn dry air...

More when I leave. Probably a blackberry post during the drive back on Friday morning or something...

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