Monday, December 04, 2006

[H]azkarot for a non-Jew?

My uncle's fiance's father passed away today and I was wondering if anyone knew the policy for "making azkarot/hazkarot" (I've seen and heard it both ways and both technically work in Hebrew) for a non-Jew. I assume you don't do the thirty day thing like you would for a Jew. My other uncle's shloshim for his mother ends on tuesday and he will begin to add her name to the El Moley Rachamim list forthwith. But when the longtime head of maintainance passed away a few months ago, the Rabbi offered his name at the first market day after his passing. So is this halachic policy or is this something my shul just cooked up? Anyone have any idea?

L'havdil, can one make a Mi Shebeyrach for oneself? Can one ask another present to make it for one? I think I have a legitimate right to a prayer for healing. The back is not getting better. I even declined to lead davening this morning. I never turn the Sha"tz position down (my voice was also gone; I did end up leading maariv still)! Many hours of massages, 100 degree outdoor jacuzzi jets (hooray for a Los Angeles December), and hot showers did nothing except cause a desensitizing tickle. Oh well, just have to keep eating right and waiting until I can exercise again. No, I'm not joking... Today has been a complete waste of a day without the ability to take the focus off my back and onto my numerous Rabbinical School application essays.

I will need to seriously consider taking a sick day tomorrow, I probably won't as you've seen in my previous post, but the injury is very much affecting my concentration, and though I always play through the pain, I wouldn't be teaching at 100%. Perhaps at my doctor's appointment on Tuesday, he will straighten me out (ha, get it, straighten out, bad back, chiropractor joke! All that I'm not even on painkillers)

Layla tov.

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