Saturday, December 30, 2006

DVAR TORAH: Miketz AND Vayi...gash?

Actually, I'm not sure because I am rapid-firing this one off this week. This is a twofer because I didn't exactly have time last friday. I am once again cutting it close to the Shabbos clock. Services in 8 minutes...

Last week ended on a most excellent cliff-hanger. Benjamin is framed for grand larceny (grand in the eyes of Egyptian law anyway) and is arrested. The scene begins with a confrontation between Joseph and Judah, a scene which I had, two years ago, given a D'var Torah for at Koach during Reading Week of Finals. I will replace this with that D'var Torah if I find it, but the gist is that midrash accords that Joseph and Judah were trying to intimidate each other to the extent that they were tearing down both Joseph's palace and the firmament of the Heavens. Judah was causing himself to bleed out his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose and Joseph was destroying the columns with his bare hands. I compared this to the attitude I witnessed and experienced in Butler. I think that might have been me last week.

Anyway, once I find the original, which is probably only stored on my old not-working computer, I will try to post it. Until then, Shabbat Shalom and don't stress yourself out as much as Joseph and Judah.

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