Saturday, January 07, 2006

After the premiere

So I went to the premiere at the Pantages yesterday (one of the oldest and most famous theatres in Los Angeles; for GoogleEarth location, it's at the corner of Hollywood and Vine). Complete with celebrities and sports stars, the red carpet was full of people: Matthew McConaughey, Nick Nolte, Jerry Bruckheimer, Jon Voight, Pat Riley, Reggie Miller and more.. Didn't flinch.

As for the movie, I thought that "Glory Road" was amazing. It is a really powerful movie based on the real story of the U West Texas Miners from 1966 which really broke the color barrier in Southern NCAA-1 Basketball. I highly recommend you see it.

I also am making my first attempt at Cholent. Wish me luck.

That and I still don't know where I'm gonna live in Jerusalem. Oh well, I can pitch a tent by the Kotel perhaps.

Shabbat Shabizzle,

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