Thursday, January 05, 2006


So I was at the Westfield mall today and I saw an actor who I thought was Rip Torn (whomever it is with the reddish-blond hair and the curly mustache who has a pretty high-pitched voice)... Anyway, pretty famous (but apparently not famous enough for me to remember his name or what he was in. Okay, maybe not so famous. Anyway, I didn't care. I was more concerned about the multitudes of Texans who were sporting Longhorn colors and gawking around the mall. The thing is, I don't gush when I see celebrities. I have grown up in a world where I see them all the time, not just because I live in LA, but because I have "grown up Hollywood" so to speak. Whether it is being a member of a film group where I go to premieres or having family members in Show Biz, I have just become so desensitized that it doesn't really matter anymore. They're people too. In fact, in the past year the only two people I was really nervous (let's use the Yiddish word farklempt) to meet were Larry David (creator of Seinfeld and star of Curb Your Enthusiasm) and Eric Gagne (Cy Young-award-winning Dodgers Closing Pitcher).

I was going to see Munich today, but when I got to the Westfield AMC, both Munich and Producers, the only two movies I would have considered seeing started after 2 and are long movies that wouldn't end in time. In fact, the only things I could have seen were Brokeback Mountain and Memoirs of a Geisha, and both would be like needles in my eyes, to paraphrase my father. So I didn't see anything, and the only thing I did at the mall was pick up my iPod. Anyway, the reason for my deadline is as follows:

I'm going to the premeire of "Glory Road" tonight complete with red carpet, black-tie, and celebrities galore and I doubt I'm going to get farklempt mit shpikes (my Yiddish professor is going to kill me...)

I also went on a great walk today on Club View under the 85 degree LA sun. I'm gonna miss this beautiful weather (but at least Yerushalayim's is better than NYC's)

Oh, and a refuah shleyma, a speedy and complete recovery to Rosh HaMemshala Ariel Sharon.

Hasta la bye bye,

UPDATE: Motzei Shabbos 01.07.06: Rip Taylor is the name of the guy. I found this by typing into google: mustache celebrity high-pitched. Is there anything google can't do?

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