Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Welcome to the City of God

I just arrived today at the holiest city on Earth (for us Jews, anyway) (and probably any other planet as well) (It's Jerusalem, by the way), where I will be living for the next six months (possibly more). My luggage got left at the connecting baggage area in Toronto so now without 40 hours of sleep or showering, I am clothesless, towelless, and linenless. I am such an istanis (Aramaic term loosely meaning pampered wuss) that I must shower at least once a day, like most Americans. Not so in Israel. The mentality is that if you douse your face with enough aqua velva, you can forgo bathing for a week. Ok, I'm just kidding and am super-exhausted, so I think I will go to sleep.

Quick note: my new Israeli cell phone's voicemail messaging option asks you to make a funny outgoing message, and suggests karaoke, songs, haiku... weird Samsung... same kind of phone I have from my my american cell phone, but much creepier (though the crappy ringtone is loads better than the Vivaldi Spring thing that came on my new American phone (boo, no more Hatikvah ringtone...)).

This blog will probably be my main conduit of propaganda, so bookmark it, dearies.

L'Shana Hazot B'Irushalayim,
(um... maybe eventually when I become a super-Zionist; for now Matt)

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