Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Wind of God

I read a book over the summer (and completed it during the fall) called "David the King" by Gladys Scmitt, sort of a "fan-fiction biography" about King David which took him down a few pegs by making him more human. It eliminated his slaying of the Philistine giant Goliath, attributing it to another veteran soldier but among the camp of the tribe of Judah he gets the glory as word spreads across the land that it was he that did it. Anyway, the book also refers to a phenomenon called "the Wind of God" which caresses the land around Jerusalem and nearby Bethlehem. Well, I'm on the third floor (actually the fourth floor; Israeli lobbys are not called the first floor but the zeroth (is that a word?). There is a howling and whistling and screaming wind coming from all directions that is very powerful. It is quite loud, strong, and the air smells dusty. Hopefully the coming rain will get rid of the dust. Crazy. There are also rumors that there's snow a-coming. That would be very exciting. I want to go to the Kotel in the snow. This is especially good since I just bought hiking boots at Super Sol Deal for 27.40(about $5.81) for my Eilat Tiyul (trip) next week. It sucks that while we are going to the resort town of Eilat, we weren't even told to bring bathing suits. It looks like we are just going to be hiking. I compare it to God showing Moses the Promised Land though he had to die on Mt. Nebo on the east bank of the Jordan River. We get shown the seaside paradise yet will be hiking the entire time.

More later. I must learn now.

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