Friday, March 10, 2006

DVAR TORAH: Tetzaveh/Shabbat Zachor 4 of 5!

This is the fourth in a series of 5 (actually 3) Divrei Torah I have given in the past for Parashat Tetzaveh AND/OR Shabbat Zachor. This particular Dvar Torah was originally my article for the Kol Columbia which I proceded to put through a spanish translator, translated back into english, back into spanish, and finally back into english. It's rip-roarious! Gotta love Joseph Caro's mexican cousin, Expensive Jose.

L'chayim, Is Purim! By Matt Rutta, Co-Silla of KOACH As soon as a negation, I do not mean to offend any person in detail with my Dvar Torah, I am right satisfying the obligation with the holiday to put his foot in his mouth. Ampere Purim hour, what an ideal holiday for a university student! Huzzah! You it is hoped that it acts like an idiot, uniforms to the point of misbehaving during religious services; obtain ferschnickered totally, you uniform to the point of not being able to say to the difference between the arc-bandit and the hero. In the past I have described east holiday like "Simchat Torah without the restrictions." The route does not have to be in favor of the foot and music does not have to be a.capella. Hooray! It hopes that Adar is a time of the year where they not only allow us, but does to complete idiots of we ourself. There is relaxing or certain generally accepted uprooting of mitzvot negative of Torahic, as those taxes before cross-dressing (Dvarim 22:5 according to the getting up by Expensive Jose in the Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chayim 696,8). This is as radical as the elevation of the prohibition in the game granted in Chanukah. In fact, they even force to obtain to us totally and broken completely in Purim. I am never going to call "dry" Judaism the religion. That would be entirely false; we drink the wine in for everything but an express and we followed it generally for above with hard alcohol. Nevertheless, they always remember to us to drink in the moderation. In the Torah, the wine is fallen of Noah, and the Talmud is rife with warnings against embriaguez. Purim is different. Formulaic of Kiddush assigned by mandate for the holiday is no excessive wine, but they order to us that we drink, and we drink much! Megilah 7b, in sugya that is safe that many of you are at least semi-relatives with uniform if you never have studied Talmud, quotes Rava that says, "one is commited to sweeten themselves in Purim until he cannot distinguish between ` cursed is Haman ' and ` blessed is Mordechaí. Rashi confirms that "to sweeten" means "to obtain shikkered with the wine" and Rambam codifies this in law. But the Talmud cannot let the declaration of Rava go undisputed. To leave its position wild is, well, as to leave alcoholic a single one before an open bar. It follows with one of the small intriguing legend of the Talmud. Rabbah invites to Zeira Rabbi to a Purim Seudah, during which both obtain beyond drunkard and Rabbah literally kills (aramaic used is shachtei, that is the same word used for the ritual slaughter of cattles) its colleague. Rabbah feels bad and requests so that the God again brings it to life. A miracle happens and revive Zeira Rabbi. Rabbah again invites to Zeira Rabbi to its Purim Seudah the next year, and Zeira Rabbi is everything like "no. of infier to us! A miracle could not happen again." But this does not contradict the one that finishes being indicated? , it is not a contradiction well because...... In any case, it has diversion but it uses discretion, it remains far from the knives of butcher and chainsaws, and has underclassperson indicated that he is underage and therefore it does not drink to take care of for you in excessive his inebriation and to wake up to him for for the reading of Megillah in the morning ours at least for Kabbalat Shabbat above. We enjoyed the concerts, shpiels of Purim, the reading of megillah. Boo strike of Mordechai and Yay Haman... that, invests it. Purim is doubtlessly a great festival of smaller importance, an excessive physical threat of the spiritual one of the victory, where we left alcohol (it came and the similars) we are victorious on our physical minds and bodies. I admit that he was bad, but she is what you must come to hope of the jokes of Purim, I hope that the rest is better. In the age messianic, all the festivales, the high holidays, and Chanukah will even invest to their Temple-centric celebrations, but to Purim, a holiday in which its body of the text does not even contain the name of the God still will be celebrated with such four mitzvahs that it has since Mordechai and Esther wrote two scroll and one half millenia ago: reading the Megillah, a banquet, the gifts for the poor men, and to send cooked merchandise to the furnace to its friends. And of course, portions and portions of alcohol always-that flows. In order to quote great chacham and gadol of our generation, Rabbeinu Homer horseradish tree Avraham, the Springfielder Rav, that toasts, "to the alcohol, to the cause of-and a the solution to-everything of the problems of the life" A Freylech Purim!

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