Sunday, March 19, 2006

Law Committee, revisited

As per Elena and Michelle's comments on the article regarding the delay of vote on the topic of homosexuality in Conservative Judaism (thanks for posting by the way, I enjoy comments), Tonight I plan on attending a the beginning of a three part series by none other than Rabbi Joel Roth regarding the recent developments in the Committee on Jewish Laws and Standards to take place at the Conservative Yeshiva, about a 5 minute walk from my house (as opposed to Pardes which takes damn near half an hour. I also plan on asking him, as the mara d'atra (policy-setter) for the Conservative Movement and my Posek (person I go to for Religious legal advice) for when I was in New York, regarding two issues of passover: one, what the policy is on second day of Yom Tov for people who rent in Israel but are not here for at least three festivals (ie: me) and also the law for tourists (ie: my parents), and, two, can I eat Teimani (Yemenite) Matzah (which is like laffa bread and not perforated cardboard like Ashkenazic matzah).

In other news, the bird sh*t has hit the fan. Bird Flu has hit Israel. Uh oh... (though at least it is creating some sort of cooperation between Israeli and Palestinian authorities...

I gave a Dvar Torah on Shabbat comparing the Golden Calf and the Red Heifer, but I don't exactly remember the details. I'll post when I remember it.


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