Friday, March 24, 2006

DVAR TORAH: Vayakhel/Pekudei/Shabbat HaChodesh

So, I would love to tell you about how Rabbi Roth came to Pardes today and clarified the information about the responsae. I could also tell you that my transportation to and from Mea Shearim today cost more than the Shtender that I purchaced there.

I just wanted to say a few words about the Parshiot this week: these few words are: Betzalel, Mishkan, and Red-dyed Dolphin Skin

Kidding... but I am too tired to write a dvar torah right now (and will be in Gush for Shabbos and away from my computer from computer morning.) I heard a lecture by famed parasha expert Avivah Gottleib Zornberg on this week's torah portion and she mentioned that Betzalel is in the Shadow of God and hears things that moses never told him directly from God. I'm falling asleep on the puma so I need to go to bed...

Shabbat Shalom

POST SHABBOS UPDATE: I did think of something interesting not connected to anything I heard. The Main Torah portions from this week culminate on the First of Nisan, 2449 in the completion of the Mishkan, the Tabernacle. The special maftir for this week, HaChodesh, occurs on the First of Nisan, 2448, in the dawn of our Redemption from Egypt. These two occurrences are EXACTLY one year apart. When we inaugurate the new month, the new YEAR, if you will, this coming Wednesday night/Thursday, we will be 3318 years out of Egypt, 3317 away from the culmination of the latter half of the book of Exodus in the building of the Mishkan.
Shavuah Tov. 3/25/06 8:58 PM JDT

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