Wednesday, March 22, 2006

דער פריילנג איז געקומט (spring has arrived)

Quote of the Day: “Even if her husband is only a cabbage-head, she requires no lentils for her pot”. –Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Ketubot 75a

Der Freiling is gekomt! Spring has arrived and it is now in the Mid-70s in Jerusalem, and will apparently be high 60s in LA and, um, 37 in NYC... It's been beautiful for quite awhile. But the dusty winds...

Alright, I have to run to class, but a run through of my weekend:

Rabbi Roth is coming to speak at Pardes on Thursday, following which I will be going to Yad Vashem Holocaust museum. Shabbos I am going to Efrat in the West Bank town of Gush Etzion.


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Anonymous said...

hey....this is michelle...did you know arizona is the only state that doesnt change its time for daylight savings? Therefore, in the summer I will for once OFFICIALLY be on Pacific (california) time!!! j