Friday, March 10, 2006

DVAR TORAH: Tetzaveh/Shabbat Zachor 5 of 5!

This is the fifth and final Dvar Torah in a series of 5 (actually 3) which I have given in the past for Parashat Tetzaveh AND/OR Shabbat Zachor. This particular Dvar Torah was actually done for the Michelle Gluckman Memorial Torah Siyyum this past Simchat Torah at the Hillel, where it fell to me to speak about the Torah portion of Tetzaveh. I actually never wrote anything about this one down on paper (or computer) because it was a quick dvar torah so I will have to do this completely from memory (luckily I have a good long-term memory)

It is a pretty lacking portion. I mentioned that it is a portion devoid of anything. Including the name of Moses. Yes, this is the only Torah portion in the latter 4 books of the Torah where Moses's name does not appear even once. God says ואתה, "and you" instead of referring to him by name. This portion centers on Aaron and sons and their priestly vestments. Moses was originally going to be the High Priest but lost it because of his angry disposition.
In the following portion, Ki Tissa, which has the infamous account of the Golden Calf, Moses implores God for mercy and appeals for God to forgive for the sake of Moses:
ועתה אם תשא חטאתם ואם אין מחני נא מספרך אשר כתבת, "And now, if you will forgive their sin [great!], but if not, erase me from the book which you have written. " -Exodus 32:32 God replied, "He who has sinned against Me , him only will I erase from my book" -ibid :33. Well, we can say that God did erase Moses from something; that which follows chronologically (The Torah's not in chronological order, the Golden Calf preceeds the Mishkan and Priestly garb).

I didn't mention this, but God is also hidden in Megilat Esther just as Moses is hidden from the Parasha that immediately precedes Purim.
I don't actually remember the point to the Dvar Torah, but IMHO, it is interesting and ties up some loose ends.

Shabbat Shalom and remember what Amalek did to you on the way! Don't forget!


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