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Harry Potter 4 Goblet of Fire Analysis

1. Where is little Hangleton? Is it in the UK or is in Eastern Europe (like Albania)? Where is the Graveyard at the end of the book?

5. If Frank Bryce was so deaf, how did he hear all of Babymort's conversation with Wormtail?

7. Milking Nagini... this supports my theory that bodily functions of snakes replace those of humans for voldemort: Mother's milk brings life to infants, whereas the "milk" of Nagini the snake brings life to Babymort. Shedding blood will kill a human, Voldemort's horcruxes can be destroyed by shedding a flying snake (dragon)'s blood.

8. Harry Potter doesn't matter to wormtail. I think that the lifedebt will be paid involuntarilly because of this statement.

10. "One more death"? Whose death? Isn't Bertha already dead? Is the one more death Dumbledore's?

20. Voldy was the most powerful Dark Wizard in a century? That eliminates Grindelwald (defeated 1945) but who was more powerful than Voldy in the 19th century?

54. You'd think a girl with dentists for parents would have something done about her buck teeth...

57. Anything particularly sinister about gnomes? Crookshanks seems to eschew rule-breaking and evil.

61. Any relatives of Ludo Bagman with the initials RAB? Just wondering...

62. Seriously... what DOES Bill do? Is he a Tombraider?

73. Luna likes Quidditch? "Lovegoods" is plural and her mom's dead so I assume they are talking about Luna and her father.

84. Sigh. Oh Archie...

98: Do goblins get in trouble with the law frequently?

The Following I listened to on audio book and don't have the page numbers

ch 9: Another accurate dream from Harry...

Why would death eaters want to make a ruckus without an active Voldemort?

Why was Draco alone and was he forewarned? Was Lucius involved?

Does Winky have to obey Barty Crouch Jr. or is Winky in charge?

Where are Goblins allegiences? With money?

Why isn't Harry affected by Veela, neither here at the Quidditch World Cup or with Fleur?

Why do Winky and Dobby react differently to their being set free?

Hmm... I think a different weasley clock was described in BOOK 2 (as opposed to Movie 2 in which the clock mentioned here is displayed)

JK'd better explain what Bill does for a living...

Do they have homework during the summer or not? So far the contradiction score is 2 to 2 in the series.

Why was Dumbledore staring at the ceiling in the Great Hall?

Should we take literally that the Sorting Hat has brains? Are they from the Brain Room at the Department of Mysteries?

Something in the lake pushed Dennis Creevey back into the boat? The giant squid? Is the squid a good guy?

What is Peeves' backstory?

Are any of the ghosts going to play a role in DH?


193: If Harry was allowed to pick these electives, as mentioned at the end of book 2, why does he stick with it? Why doesn't he take another class instead of his least favorite, Divination? There's a reason he needs to be in this class...

196: Likewise Care of Magical Creatures. Why is Draco still in it? Isn't it an elective?

197: Hermione: "dragon blood's amazingly magical, but you wouldn't want a dragon for a pet, would you?"

201: "'Can I have a look at Uranus too, Lavender?' said Ron". Wait until sixth year. Hoo boy...

203: The events don't seem very unusual... They have to modify muggle memories quite often.

219: Why does the fake Moody give Harry this information of how to defend himself with Unforgivable Curses? Why does he attack Malfoy earlier?

227: Why was Neville awake (strange way to end an HP chapter...)?

229: Could someone address a letter to Sirius Black or Voldemort, send it by owl, and have the owl followed in order to find the quarry? That would be genius!

232: How did Harry fight Imperio so well on his first try?

236-7: Yeah, Neville will have his day in Book 7 and prove 'em all wrong.

252: why is Harry not affected by the Veela? Is it the same reason he can fight Imperio?

278: What is this binding magical contract? Is it like the Unbreakable Vow in book 6, that you die if you don't compete?

301: Isn't Colin supposed to be in a class at that time? Why is he an errand boy?

339: Blank buzzing?

Portkeys: On demand or predetermined time? The one for the quidditch world cup was set for 5:07 AM, the Triwizard Cup was presumably set for the first one to touch it. Did it have to be set for round trip?

367: "Hagrid had a point... they were all right, really, dragons..." My elipsis trail-off theory! Plus it gives credence to my theory that Harry will embrace dragons in book 7

376: Um, if the outfit has a hogwarts crest, didn't someone have to give them clothes? Aren't they technically free. Winky didn't have that uniform earlier... Also, How can Hermione set the house-elves free by knitting them hats? Is she in a position of ownership to set them free?

381: How do House-Elves reproduce... on second thought, I don't think I want to know. I don't want to envision some hot house-elf sex...

413: You'd think they'd change it to Santa Claus in the American Edition. They did that in the second book in reference to the Burrow's Garden Gnomes... Here it's Father Christmas

How would a human mate with a giant? Alright, I'm done with these questions about the birds and the bees.

453: why does Dumbledore keep staring at the ceiling and did he actually cause himself to go "deaf"?

454: I feel Aberforth (Albus Dumbledore's Brother), who is also the bartender at the Hogshead, will have a role in the final book.

Voldemort is the product of a muggle father and a woman who is practically a squib. Yet he is the progenetor of Aryan - ahem - Pureblood eugenics? Interesting...

482: again, why not americanize the terms in the US edition? Aqua lungs should become SCUBA gear or something...

506: It's obvious a set up for a Ron/Hermione 'ship


555: I don't know if this means that the Fudges are going to die (as Crouch says he will soon be joining his wife and son.

558: Why does Snape say that Dumbledore is busy? Is he just being a jerk to Harry or is there a legitimate reason or is he Voldy's man and this is part of the plan.

575: This book is dated... NINE Planets? Now there are only eight... I wonder if that is going to mess with the predictions of Trelawney and Firenze...

576: What did Astronomy teach that was different from this lesson on Astrology?

576: They're talking about Barty Sr., right? Will anything come of the Giant Owl? Will it come, instead, in the form of a dragon?

582: Fawkes doesn't seem to feel especially emotional at the sight of Harry. Do new incarnations of phoenixes retain the memories after the previous one burns up?

Any etymology of the pensieve from pensive (musingly or dreamily thoughtful, from the root, to think)?

588: Where does one get a magical eye like moody's?

591: Did Voldy know about Dumby's speech here, that Snape defected and turned spy for Dumbledore?

595: exiled? At what point did these trials take place? After Voldemort's "death"? But the Ministry didn't think Voldy was coming back... Or was Voldemort kept at bay for awhile during his lifetime? Did they dare attack the Longbottoms after Voldemort met his demise in Godric's Hollow?

602: I thought JK said that the Pensieve did not play out memories how people remember them but rather as they actually happened. Why did Dumbledore say that some trials come back to him "more clearly than others... particularly now..."?

612: Notice how she refers to Voldemort in the present tense...

617: Ogg? Interesting name for a giant, seeing as there is a man in the Bible named Ogg, king of Bashan, who is considered to be the last of the antediluvean giants that survived the Flood, finally defeated by Moses...

636: Yew tree? Is this an important detail, such as the fact that it is the wood from which Voldy's wand is composed? How about why Harry's is from Holly?

647: "Your powers intact"? Can one lose their powers? Will this play a role in DH?

648: They KNEW of the Horcruxes? They knew of the steps he took for immortality? Long ago, by the way?

649: Will the silver hand have anything to do with trying to kill werewolves, either for bad (killing lupin) or perhaps for good (killing Fenrir Greyback)?

653: His stated goal is to conquer death...

654: So Quirrell was just always that nervous...

654: Did Voldemort know of what happened in Year 2 in the Chamber of Secrets and that one of his horcruxes was destroyed? It is conspicuously absent from Voldy's narration....

655: Which death eater? Crouch Jr? How would she know?

662: Is it unusual that Harry can successfully fight imperio, especially Voldy's?

Did people actually see what was happening in the maze during the task from the bleachers?

664: Music is stronger than magic... Why the phoenix song?
-- The latter is probably because both tail-feathers come from Fawkes, pg 697
679: If Snape appeared in the foe-glass maybe it means he is actually good

696: Why did Dumbledore exhibit a gleam of triumph when Harry said that Voldemort can now touch him without getting hurt?

707: Were the dementors under voldy's comand last time 14 years before?

710: What were voldy's opinions of snape at that time? Was he the one to be killed for leaving him forever? Is Voldy one to deviate from his word?

713: What was Dumbledore asking Snape to do? Was this a long term plan that included Dumby's death?

723: Any symbolism to the fact that the Durmstrang students gravitated toward the Slytherin table? Particularly notable as Malfoy said early in the book that he would have gone to Durmstrang as they only allow purebloods there. Are there any non-Purebloods in Slytherin or have there ever been, besides Voldemort?

724: Didn't notice the thestrals?

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