Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter Theory #1 Redux

I updated and rewrote my theory as posted to the leakylounge:

Chocolate Frog Cards and why they're the key to the whole series
I've had this theory for a number of months and am more and more convinced of the plausibility as things are released. From a comment a couple of months ago on Pottercast about wallet-sized Dumbledore (and the subsequent dismissal of a possibility that it would work), I realized that there has been a red-herring that has continued from book one: Chocolate Frog Cards. Some of the theory is whimsical but I like it. Here's my theory:

Ron and Harry are attacked by dementors and successfully fight them off. Weakened by the experience, they eat a stockpile of chocolate frogs. Getting yet another Dumbledore card they give it to Luna. Ms. Lovegood, using some nonsense she read in the Quibbler manages to unlock the secret of the chocolate frog card (hey, the tabloids have to be right sometimes...) and communicates with Dumbledore who explains the information on the other side of the card, about his defeat of the Dark Wizard Grindelwald in 1945, about his relationship with Nicolas Flamel, and, most importantly, the 12 uses of dragon's blood. Hermione is reminded of her studies of the uses of dragon's blood in a way identical to the time when she looked at the Dumbledore card there and is reminded about her "light reading" about Nicolas Flamel all the way back in Book 1.

They ask wallet-sized Dumbledore about the other side of the card. Learning that one of the twelve uses of Dragon’s Blood is to destroy Horcruxes, Hermione points out the the only Horcrux any of them actually saw being destroyed, was Tom Riddle’s diary that was obliterated by a bloody basilisk fang (both basilisks and dragons are serpents according to Wikipedia, which I’m sure Hermione has memorized). Failing to coax the dusty vial of Dragon’s blood from Professor Slughorn, Harry asks the only other people who know dragons: Charlie Weasley who lends him a dragon (seemingly an Antipodean Opaleye hybrid according to current discussion) whom he coaxes in parseltongue to act as his steed and convenient source of horcrux-be-gone, which he then hangs from a leather pouch in the final battle.

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