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Harry Potter Book 5 Order of the Phoenix Curios

5. What happened that transferred the "electric shock" from Harry to Vernon?

Can dementors restore the souls they suck out?

18. Did Harry's worst fear change? Was Voldemort's rebirth scarier than his Mom's murder?

30. "All dark... Everything dark. And then I h-heard ...things. Inside my head...." -Dudley. I thought only wizards could hear their worst memory, that muggles couldn't experience that. Is there something about dudley, more than meets the eye?

34. Red and gold sparks? Gryffindor rage?

40. Did we learn who sent that howler to Petunia and what it meant?

47. Wait, won't the Ministry detect magic at a muggle home and suspect Harry? They DID when Dobby did magic in Book 2...

52. Will Tonk's ability come in useful in DH?

70. What kind of jobs are there for humans at Gringotts?

80. Does evanesco put things away, make them hide/vanish/disappear? The same spell used to put away the top secret parchments also disposes of the failed potions in Potions Class

95. Dumbledore doesn't care what they do to him as long as they don't take him off chocolate frog cards. This supports my theory that there is an important reason for him to be on there and that they are the key to the series...

106. A large opal set with What kind of blood? Dragon's?

Audio -- on a walk

Is a houseelf allowed to lie to their master?

RAB: My original thought has been Regulus Black, that which I had the day the sixth book came out, and just realized he died the year Harry was born, the year before the events at Godrics Hollow. If it is not Regulus, I'm pretty confident that it is someone in the Black family. After all, in the foreign versions the B in RAB is replaced with whatever letter begins the translated Black last name (ie: Zwarts, RAZ)

How does the fidelius charm work? Can someone who knows about a place before the charm is cast find it once cast?

Heavy locket a horcrux? Another day-of theory

Why odn't other wizards emply side-apparition like Dumbledore does for Harry in Book 6?

Any significance to any of Dumbledore's five names?

166: Perhaps the Sorting Hat was right about Harry in the first year that he should have been in Slytherin for another reason besides his connection to Voldy: Jealosy and aspiring for greatness, green with envy...

189: Glad to see a Jew have some prominent role at Hogwarts as Anthony Goldstein is the Prefect of Ravenclaw...

255: Will having a house elf that doesn't belong to you pick up your own clothing set it free? It's not like Dumbledore is handing the hat to them...

275: What was this phenomenon around his midriff? Did he have the hots for teacher? No, seriously. What was going on with that and his head scar when Umbridge touched his arm?

336: Aberforth Dumbledore is the Bartender here.

342: I wonder what Neville said in the British edition. Here he is corrected after he says Sorcerous Stone.

344: "As though waiting for people to cry 'Surely not!'" Really? Who talks like that?

391: Can dark detectors be fooled? What exactly happened to the foe glass that was "owned" by the FAKE Moody in 4th year?

399: So Hermione WAS almost in Ravenclaw... Why did it decide on Gryffindor in the end. Will she show her self braver than smart IN THE END (book 7)?

422: One of the 12 uses of dragons blood is to clot giant attacks that don't seem to congeal on their own? Also notable that this dragon's blood is described as green, whereas I don't think we get that description from any other occasion we see dragon blood...

428: Gubraithian fire? An everlasting fire does sound useful...

429: Indestructible goblin wrought helmet? Wasn't one of those on the UK Childrens Edition cover of DH?

443: Thestrals prefer the dark but at the end of the school year they pull the wagons during the day...

458: Ron gets one of the best lines of the series in response to Harry saying that Cho was crying: "Are you that bad at kissing?"

470: What is that silver instrument and what is it telling Dumbledore?

478: That's a conveniently rapid way to send a message, but won't fawkes run out of feathers on a particularly busy day?

482: He HAS predicted things with dreams before, though. He had a vision of snape using the AK, replacing Draco in book 1, something that actually happened in book 6

486: Who was the old stooped wizard there and was he the one who later gave Bode the deadly plant?

488: Unusual kind of poison in the snakes fangs? Could it kill horcruxes, perhaps?

489: Willy Widdershins sounds suspicious. Why is he trying to constantly harm muggles?

503: Ron bought Hermione perfume? It's obvious that they will 'ship in book 7...

510: It's surprising that Lockhart, who used to get so much fanmail, has never had visitors. Was it revealed to anyone outside the trio and Dumbledore that he was a fraud? They write but they don't visit...

510: I wonder who sent the potted plant, but how about the hippogriff calendar

523: Is that mirror still going to come in handy? Did Harry forget about it and would its use have prevented the affair in the Department of Mysteries?

525: The shopping bag... did it contain custard creams purchased via mail order from the Weasley Twins?

527: Will harry ever employ Legilimency against a death eater, maybe even Voldemort? Will he ever use Occlumency again?

529: Why does snape have to take those memories out? He still hates harry. Does he just want to avoid the Protego shield causing Harry to have access to those memories?

531: Does Snape employ occlumency against Voldemort?

534: Was that a compliment from Snape? Harry shows aptitude at something? That's a first...

552: JK Rowling (as well as the movie version of this book) show that Ron's patronus is a Jack Russell Terrier. Could it actually be a Crup?

553: Was Occlumency more beneficial or detrimental? Did snape have alterior, sinister motives to perform legilimency on him?

558: Had the dementors defected at this point (is it how the death eaters escaped?)?

563: A galleon for two coffees? Where were they? Starbucks?

593: Another interesting cut-off question. Why DOES Snape keep calling Voldy the Dark Lord. Doesn't really support the "Trust Snape" camp...

613: Ah, Willy Widdershins... if he's been attacking muggles why is he also working with the ministry?

614: Headmaster Fortescue? Any relation to Florean Fortesque and does the former headmaster have to do with the ice cream salesman's abduction in the summer before HBP?

617: That was pretty dumb of Hermione not to enchant it with the spell that other students used to hide the quibbler that wiped it clean if the reader was not the owner of the magazine... She should know better...

626: Prefects can't dock points? But way back when Percy threatened to take points...

657: Arithmancy to break curses??? Okay... that's interesting...

658: Harry remembers the knife from Christmas two years ago but not the mirror from the past Christmas?

665: Is it bad tidings that DH is the last book and there won't be three more books: Auror School Years 1-3

698: Is this parting of the ways with the Centaurs final or will the centaurs finally take a side in the war

705: I've noticed a trend in Transfiguration. Do things transfigured in class have to be alliterations: porcupine into pincushion, owl into operaglasses, etc...

I've just thought of something: What's Black and White and Red all over? Answer: Yes. This is the order of deaths in the latter HP books, the last one is a prediction. Sirius BLACK, ALBUS Dumbledore (Albus means White), RUBEUS Hagrid (Rubeus means red). I predict it is all over for these three.

768: 6-2-4-4-2 = M-A-G-I-C on a touchtone phone...

769: Why was it completely empty and why was the visitors entrance open if nobody was there?

Some of the more obvious questions here:
772: What's with the brains
773: What's with that veil
774: Why can only Luna and Harry hear voices from beyond the veil. Does it have something to do with the fact that only they can see thestrals, that only they have witnessed death?
775: The very-locked room? is it filled with love?
784: How do the Death Eaters take this information that Voldy's a half-blood (784, by the way, is the number of pages in DH)
790: are all the time turners gone, or are they going to play a role in DH?
794: If the cabinet no longer had time turners, why did it keep regenerating itself?
795: Has Pluto since been removed from the planet room? I guess since this book takes place in 1995 and the last one takes place in 1997, then it is still a planet...
796: I guess Pluto's gone anyway...
799: What do the Death Eaters know about that veil? They all stop when Harry is near it.
805: I had always thought that the second jet of light was red, another stunning curse and that Sirius was stunned when he toppled into the veil. The movie makes it quite clear that he is hit by Avada Kedavra which leaves no doubt that he is dead. Why he is absorbed into the veil is anyone's guess, I think it is where you go when you die, which is why Luna and Harry can hear it.

812: High cold voice? Hmm... I think I have been looking at the "Snape Kills Dumbledore" thing all wrong. Might Voldemort been disguised as snape in book 6. Probably not, but just an idea...

813: What spell did Dumbledore send at Voldemort that caused the gong reverberation?

816: Did love cause Voldy to disappear, or was it the sudden appearance of the peanut gallery? Also Harry's eyes turned green in the movie... I know... But they're normally blue in the movie, even though they are always Lily-green in the book.

817 The elf and goblin statues applauded Dumbledore? How inappropriate...

839: In which ways have Dumbledore watched Harry more than he can imagine?

780: On the prophesy glass is inscribed "Dark Lord". DOn't only death eaters refer to Voldy as such? Who encapsulated the prophesy?

863: The veil... do people visit the dead? How does it work?

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