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Harry Potter 6 Half-Blood Prince Analysis

pg 10 line 8: I think "site" is an error. should be "sight"

31. Dumby injured because reactions slower than they were.

Did Snape use any sort of trickery such as legilimency, veritaserum, wordless wandless magic

during this conversation?

34. "Failed to retreive the prophesy into the bargain?" what does that mean?

55. Which appalling damage have the dursleys inflicted upon dudley? We might automatically

assume the fact that he's in a gang or is portly, but perhaps it is supressing his magical


56. Why was Petunia oddly flushed?

62. I assume more will come of these Infiri in the final book... One of my early predictions

was that Dumbledore will come back as a powerful inferius that Harry will be forced to kill


65. The dragon blood might be reusable, huh? Perhaps to kill horcruxes?

Why was dumbledore wearing the horcrux ring and why did Horace frown at it?

Has Dumbledore ever killed anyone?

79. So does Harry not NEED Occlumency anymore? Will he learn Legilimency at some point?

82. Why is Tonks so glum now, though she was not at Kings Cross at the end of OOTP?

90. what was Hermione looking for in Harry?

97. What do Ron and Hermione think that they keep exchanging dark looks?

104. but he doesn't realize that the next book's the last one. Who is to say that it ends in

June at the end of the 7th school year though...

106. I discussed The disappearances of Fortescue and Olivander in earlier book analyses...

135. They even raided the stuff before the drawing room trap door which Harry found out

about in year 2?

137. Are some wands better than others? Is there only one wand for one wizard? If a wizard

destroys/misplaces their ideal wand, is the replacement not as good?

245. What is Mundungus doing with Aberforth Dumbledore? What shady transaction is going on?

Perhaps both are part of the order? Any Horcruxes in the collection?
==217 3 hours into it==
==258 3:35==

273: Could any of these things be Horcruxes?

275. He thinks that magic means never dying...

277. Never had a friend, never wanted one: Which might mean either a 1 on 1 final battle or

that Harry will have friends fighting with him and Voldy will be all alone

282. setting up ron and hermione 'ship...

286. That monster in Harry's stomach might be dangerous. Not "Aliens" dangerous, but

Voldemort at the end of his duel with Dumbledore in OOTP dangerous.

289. Harry seems to have forgotten the number of occasions in OOTP where he suggested Ginny

go out with Harry

292. "Tea, Coffee, Pumpkin Juice?" I think that's verbatim what Umbridge offered Harry

whenshe was spiking drinks with Veritaserum...

319. Snape didn't even do as well as Harry on the Draught of the Living Dead? Is the reason

because Snape had to experiment to get the shortcuts right?

320. I really think Luna and the Quibbler are going to be right on the nail on something in

the last book... Like flu shots being used by the government for mind control on the Mr. X

episode of the Simpsons, even with the most insane theories you have to be right at some

point... My insane theory is that it will be about chocolate frog cards.

327: Note that Fred has very quick reflexes. Him and George are incredibly talented. Is

there any difference between the two talent-wise? How will they fare in the last book? Their

uncles Fabian and Gideon Prewett (also F & G) were killed in the last war; is history going

to repeat itself?

336: Lupin says Levicorpus was fashionable during his fifth year. Snape likely took NEWT

Potions during his sixth year, did he learn the spell after James used it on him during the

OWL period.

337. Thick gold chain? Could ultimately be a horcrux...

340. Andromeda Black, a pureblood, was in Slytherin but married a muggle, Ted Tonks. I don't

think I've seen other "good" slytherins. Her daughter Nymphadora (aka "Tonks" was in

Hufflepuff). Interesting... Also, why was Voldemort, a half-blood, and Snape, a half-blood,

in Slytherin. Don't they usually only accept purebloods? Were Snape and Voldy the only


362. I think a difference between Voldy and Snape is that Tom Riddle tried to shed his

half-muggle heritage when he created his nom de guerre, Voldemort, whereas Snape's nickname

at least admitted he was half-blood though he was ashamed of it, The Half-Blood Prince

370. Why did Slughorn even include the word horcrux in the memory, not cutting it off before

that point?

372. Is Phineas talking about talking to Slughorn or something else unnamed, such as

fighting Voldemort?

372. Will Fawkes help Harry in DH?

378. What would Lily Potter have done that Slughorn said that she too had nerve?

390. This seems similar to Dumbledore's watch from the first chapter of book one, with stars

instead of planets

405-6: Agreed to kill Dumbledore? Agreed to spy on Voldemort? Do snape and dumbledore

communicate telepathically while they are talking aloud?

415: this hit that cracked his skull... will anything change because of it in terms of his

scar or occlumency/legilimency? Additionally, any significance outside of quidditch to "A

blinding, sickening pain ... a flash of light ... distant screams... and the sensation of

falling down a long tunnel..."; is it just the injury here or is it also a vision of the


422: Would Dobby forget himself sometimes and think that Malfoy is still his master? Forget

loopholes with Kreacher (there can always still be loopholes as we saw in OOTP), Dobby

sometimes punishes himself for saying something bad about the Malfoys even after CoS. Might

he obey Draco for a while?

430: Can one harness a horcrux and force it to give information ("There isn't a soul alive,

apart from himself, that can give us a full account of his life since he left Hogwarts").

"Soul alive", huh?

435: Are either Borgin or Burke RAB?

444: Dumby thinks love is more powerful than Voldy's kind of magic...

445: Aberforth may be Albus Dumbledore's brother, but is there an even stronger connection,

maybe one's a horcrux...

446: Did Voldy come to hide Horcruxes?

449: hee hee hee... So blunt, Ron...

456: Another dream: Malfoy turns into slughorn who turns into snape... If this is a vision

of what happens at the end of HBP, where does Slughorn fit in...

462: Will Draco crack further under pressure in DH? More than he did at the Battle of

Hogwarts in HBP?

465: Why DID Tonks come to the seventh floor corridor? I am somewhat suspicious of Tonks and

sense a connection with Malfoy (474)

475: Did Lily and Snape have any sort of relationship?

476: 24 hour bottle? But on pg 188 it says it's a 12 hour bottle, from dawn till dusk...

479: "Most efficacious if picked at twilight"?

485: "Your poor friend Rupert"? Some professors say the wrong name of students (particularly

Binns), but Rupert Grint happens to be the actor who plays Ron, the very student to whom

Slughorn is referring to. Was this line intentional, coincidence, or gaffe?

488: Any significance of the ballad of Odo?

495: Why was this part of the memory originally censored by slughorn? He readily admits to

having excellent contacts and leverage.

501. The death eaters didn't understand? What about the warnings Dobby gave to Harry before

the school year in CoS? What did Lucius Malfoy know about the diary that Dobby knew Hogwarts

would be dangerous? --pg 508, ah...

502. What did the unicorn blood end up doing in the first book? How about Nagini's "milk" in

the fourth?

506: He used Nagini to kill Frank Bryce? Well, Nagini ratted on Frank but Voldy AKed him,


518: I think it would be very useful for Latin to be taught at Hogwarts. Then they will

understand the spells they are casting...

519: Has anyone else been taking Felix Felicis besides Harry?

526: Is there anything else in this cathedral-like room that will be vital besides the

vanishing cabinet?

532: In the midst of this nastiness, was Snape trying to send helpful hints to Harry with

accounts of his father's misdeeds?

539. Well at least continuing your detentions with Snape next year is one thing you don't

have to worry about...

543. Her Tarot Cards... besides the Lightning Struck Tower, are the earlier ones also


554. Who was Rosmerta kicking out?

560: Dumby to Harry: "Your blood is worth more than mine". Forboding...

562: Yeah, like Ron saying "Accio Brain" in the Brain Room? Not always the best idea...

563: Magic always leaves traces... finding them a skill Harry will undoubtedly have to learn...

564. Only one wizard can do it? Harry will shortly be of age... Perhaps Harry will have to search for Horcruxes alone...

572: What is dumbledore channelling?

575: Ah, so these are the Inferi

576: Could Dumbledore become an Inferius?

578: Just HOW important is Harry's blood? It gave rebirth to Voldemort, could it serve more use?

583: Was he muttering the incantations so the Death Eaters could escape?

592: Draco to be redeemed in DH?

594: Hey, that's the nickname I've been using for Dumbledore... Dumby...

596: Yes he AKed him, but the victim isn't usually thrown like that...

599: Is Harry capable of using the AK? Or is there something worse than death that Voldy doesn't realize...

601: Probably Snape taking some last minute points away from Gryffindor...

Snape gives Harry some last minute advice? Hmm... maybe snape isn't really evil? Rereading HBP, I feel that there is definitely many hints pointing to the fact that this was all planned out with the knowledge of Dumbledore. That was my original thought, which changed a couple of weeks ago to "Snape is Evil" and now it is back to "Trust Snape"

Also, RAB could be RABastan Lestrange, but is almost certainly Regulus Black.

612: "Gryffindor rubies glistened on the floor like drops of blood". Interesting simile, perhaps this observation is a nod at the UK Childrens Edition cover of Deathly Hallows? There are a lot of rubies there...

613: Will Bill attack them at the wedding? Would that be why their robes are in tatters?

617: Did Snape not know that it was happening that night?

618: Who purchased and snuck in the Weasley Wizarding Weazes products that Draco used?

619: Notice that snape didn't kill anyone else, though he easily could have.

620: A barrier that requires a dark mark to go through? Perhaps one of the horcruxes is behind such a barrier. Maybe Harry will need to employ the help of a relapsed Death Eater. Draco, perhaps?

626: Will Dumbledore's portrait be helpful in the next book (I still think Chocolate Frog Cards will have a role...)

627: Slughorn didn't recognize Harry's potions as Snape's?

632: But has Fawkes left Harry for good?

633. Is Zacharias Smith, a Hufflepuff a descendant of Hepzibah Smith?

636: Will Harry's dreams help him find Horcruxes?

639: Is it the fake horcrux that he is wearing in the scene on the cover of the US Edition

645: Was this white smoky phoenix Dumbledore's patronus?

649: "He will only be gone from the school when none here are loyal to him". Verbatim what Dumbledore said as he was being suspended in CoS...

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crista said...

when Dumbledore said that the Dursley's had damaged Dudley, I took it as how they raised him - to be selfish, uncaring, and mean.

dunno, a lot of other people have had that question and it seems like I'm the only one who took it that way... maybe I'm wrong.