Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Harry Potter Insane Theories #4: Sirius is dead and other clarifications upon exiting the OOTP movie

As I predicted, the fifth movie answered questions that will be vital to the final book.

In the book, Sirius dodges green sparks (Avada Kedavra) from Bellatrix but is hit by red sparks (stunning spell) and crumples down the stairs through the veil, leaving a possibility that he is somehow alive. In the movie, however, she hits him with an Avada Kedavra and is assimilated into the archway. Ergo, Sirius is dead. No mirror was mentioned.

Other deviations that will possibly tighten the bounds of the final book: Ron and Hermione are not mentioned as prefects, there are only two rooms known in the Department of Mysteries: The Hall of Prophesy and the Veil Room (ergo the locked "love room" might not have a vital role in 7). We don't know that the death eaters were captured, Nothing came of the Quibbler, no Bat Bogey Hex from Ginny, we don't know where Fred & George got the money to fund their Wheezes (as it was excluded from the last film), Cho is redeemed through veritaserum, Snape is not redeemed. I wish we had the St. Mungo's Hospital scene (though the question of what happened to the Longbottoms is answered by Neville directly to Harry, allowing him to maintain some dignity.

Interestingly, Harry's (Dan Radcliffe's) blue eyes turn green when possessed by Voldemort in the end. Harry's eyes are supposed to be green like her mother's. Voldemort's eyes in the book are red; in the movie pale blue. Weird.

Maybe I'm not giving this movie enough credit right now. It's a different experience going to the midnight showing that doesn't allow me to accurately gauge how I feel about it now. Perhaps I will warm to it, but I feel that a lot of the "good parts" were omitted, much like in the last movie, much to my chagrin. Maybe they weren't strictly necessary, but they were the heart of the book. If you will join me in a rousing round of Weasley is Our King, for it was not mentioned in the movie, nor was quidditch at all. The fun and the suspense was removed from this magical world. Yes, the book is in the 1100s of pages and the audiobook is 27 hours long, but you can expand it a little more than 2-1/4 hours to appease the book fans. For now I sleep, hoping I don't inhabit Nagini and attack Mr. Weasley in my dreams.

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